The Most Dangerous Airports In The World

Many people have different experiences when flying and most of them can be attributed to several factors. There are those who are inherently afraid of flying no matter how good or pleasant the service is. Others, on the other hand, love to fly and the only thing that can dampen their spirits is poor service. There are some airports that would make both of these groups of passengers enter a panic mode. They are the most dangerous airports in the world that even the highly experienced pilots would find difficulty in landing a plane on them.

Paro Airportdangerous airports

Located in Bhutan in the Himalayan Mountains, this is one of the world’s most dangerous airports. It is situated nearly 1.5 miles above the sea level and surrounded by sharp mountain peaks. The runway is very short which gives very little allowance for the plane to taxi. Passengers landing on it must find a distraction to take their minds off the possible danger. Only eight highly trained pilots are authorised to land at Paro Aiport.

Juancho E Yrausquin Airport

This airport is located on Saba Island, which is ruled by the Dutch. It has a short runway that ends by the sea on both sides. It is so dangerous that it’s always shut down and only re-opened at the discretion of the Civil Aviation Authority.

The Ice runway in the Antarctica

As if being the coldest place on earth is not enough, this runway is made only of manicured ice and snow. The weight of the plane has to be checked before being cleared to land in order to avoid it cracking the ice because of excess weight. That is just one scary thought.

Courchevel Airport, France

It is located in the Alps with a short runway, about 525 meters long. The airport is inclined, and this makes take-off and landing very difficult. There is also the issue of navigating the French Alps and the frequent fog that hinders visibility.


Gibraltar International Airport

A runway intersecting with a busy highway is not the perfect landing idea. Due to the lack of a suitable flat surface to construct the airport runway, the one built intersects with a major road and during take-offs and landings, traffic has to be stopped to avoid collisions.

Tenzing-Hillary Airport in Nepal

The take-off and landing runways are very short. The airport is also located almost 8,000 feet above sea level and lacks modern and up to date air traffic control facilities. It does not even have lights on the runway to guide planes at night making it one of the most dangerous airports in the world.

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