Why switch from smoking tobacco to vaping?

Using an e-cigarette is an excellent alternative to the tobacco products that come with smoke and toxic chemicals. Although this would still involve nicotine intake, you will have the ability to control the strength, and this is by choosing the e liquid that has the right nicotine level for you.


vapingMany people have found vaping as an effective way of turning away from smoking cigarettes. No wonder why the electronic cigarette industry continues to prosper and provide various devices and accessories that you may choose from according to your personal choice. Today, there are probably millions of e-cigarette users across the globe and for sure the number would still continue to grow.

Take a look at the reasons more and more people switch from smoking tobacco products to vaping.

No burning

When you utilize an electronic cigarette, burning is not involved, unlike smoking tobacco products. The vaping device is operated by a battery that powers the vaporizer to convert the e-liquid into vapor. Since you won’t have to burn anything when you are vaping, you won’t have to deal with ashes that can add to the dirt in your environment.

No smoke

Since there is no burning on vaping, there will be no smoke too, which is the most hazardous part when you smoke a real cigarette. As the tobacco burns, the harmful chemicals are emitted and anyone who inhales the smoke may be exposed to the different severe diseases that may develop. Similarly, you won’t be adding to the air pollution when you are vaping because all that you use is vapor.

No smell

Another reason a lot of people have switched to vaping is because it does not have the nasty smell that tobacco products have which could be quite irritating. The only smell from vaping is the aroma of the e-liquid depending on the flavor that you use.

Control of the nicotine level

smokeOne of the similarities that smoking tobacco and vaping has is the presence of nicotine. As we all know, this is an addictive substance, and it is what makes you crave for more. However, when you utilize an e-cigarette, you will have the power to control the level of nicotine in your e-liquid. You can always get a vaping juice that has a controlled concentration of nicotine. There are full flavors, moderate, as well as minimal. The good thing is, there is also vaping juices that do not have nicotine and these are the liquids that are being used by those people who have successfully kept themselves away from tobacco.