Things to Consider When Growing Indoor Plants

Planting and caring for ornamental plants has been an alternative activity for many who were stranded in their homes during this pandemic. In some areas, the ornamental plant industry has suddenly become busier than ever as many want to try their hands at caring for plants. For beginners, it must be a trial–and–error experience. At first, you may not be successful in growing some plants. Nonetheless, you will soon learn how.

Homeowners with no front or backyard may have to go for indoor plants. Growing indoor plants can be more challenging than cultivating ornamental plants in open spaces under the right shade. To help you, here things that you should consider.

Plant Variety

Not all plants can thrive indoors. You have to select those that can withstand less sunshine and air. Sturdy bushes can stay inside your home in only a number of days, and you may notice that their leaves will be turning yellow. Plants such as the snake plant and ZZ plant are tried and tested indoor plants. They can be left inside your home for as long as you want without changing their textures. Cactus and other succulents are suitable indoors when placed near windows.

Number of Pots

It may not be possible for plants to stay indoors forever. They also need to get some fresh air, feel the sun’s rays, and quench their thirst for rainwater. Having two sets of plants or more will assure you that there will always be plants inside your home.

Floor Area

Your floor area should determine what plants and how many plants you will be caring for. For smaller homes, you have to go for plants that will not grow big. Cactus and other succulents can be planted in small pots. You can also consider plants that thrive on vases filled with water. If you want bigger plants, go for plants that grow vertically instead of those that spread sideways. Snake plants on tall pots are perfect for smaller spaces.

Kind of Flower Pots

There are many options when choosing flower pots for your indoor plants. Some can be made of plastic, ceramic, cement, or clay. For indoor plants, it may not require you to buy the most expensive. All that you may need are clean pots. To ensure this, you can buy bigger pots to put the plant together with the pots where they grew.

Available Time

Indoor plants may require you to care for them. If you have no time to water them and bring them out after a while, you will soon realize that they have died. If your work also requires you to be on the field for how many days, indoor plants may not be suitable for you.

Besides the aesthetic beauty that they impart, a home with more indoor plants is more relaxing.