Qualifications for travel nursing jobs

If you want to become a travel nurse, then you have to meet all the qualifications. The requirements vary depending on the location but getting started as a travel nurse is easier than you think. The duties will be in line with your specialty. Travel nursing is a job that has a decent compensation. Moreover, there are numerous benefits of being a travel nurse. Visit Giftedhealthcare.com – travel nursing jobs for lots of opportunities. You will get plenty of experience on the job.


nursing certifications

A Bachelor’s degree is not a must have to become a travel nurse. However, most hospitals prefer to hire a travel nurse with a Bachelor’s degree. There are specific certifications that you will require before you start your travel assignment. You will need an advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) and basic life support (BLS) certifications. Some facilities require you to have NIH stroke certification. The organization recruiting you will inform you of the certifications that they need. It is advisable that you get a certification in your specialty.


Before you get the license, you need to pass the N-CLEX exam. Once you have passed the necessary exams, you will need a license to get the job. The license should be for the particular state where you will be working. The Nurse licensure compact (NLC) will allow you to work from any state. The NLC will also allow you to work in several states. The license must be up to date, and you have to demonstrate that you have participated in the professional education.


As a travel nurse, you have to be a registered nurse. You can do so in one of three ways. It will take you up to four years to complete the education. You can also become registered by getting AND which will take you two years. You will also have to go for another two years to get a bachelor’s degree. You also have the option of doing a BSN that takes only four years. The bachelor degree is a minimum educational requirement for travel nurses. To become a registered nurse, you will have to pass the N-CLEX exam. After doing all that, you can choose your area of specialization. After completing that, you will get a master’s degree and become an MSN nurse.


nursing experience

A majority of the organizations will require that you have been practicing as a bedside nurse for one year. If you have specialized in the cath lab or ICU, you will need an additional one-year experience.