Why to Consider Home Air Testing

Home air testing is something that most people take for a granted. It is surprising to know that there are many pollutants that affect the quality of air in our home. Regular home air testing and atlanta mold removal is important for a healthy home. Without regular home air testing, you will never realize that the quality of air in your home is compromised. Polluted air is a source of many health problems that could have been handled with regular home testing.

Factors that compromise home air quality


Cooking can affect the air quality in your home. When cooking using gas or stove, the combustion is likely to influence the quality of your air. This is the reason people are now advised to look for safe cooking options. During combustion fumes and released into the air affecting the quality of air that is inhaled. Carbon monoxide inhalation is a cause of many deaths in the world, and most of the dangerous gasses are released during the process of cooking.


Many homes have been infected with asbestos and the, in particular, old homes. Many people may not understand how asbestos affects the air quality of the home. The good news is that asbestos can be removed from the home. Removing asbestos is a good way to improve the quality of the air inhaled. Doing regular home air testing ensures that there is no asbestos present in the air to affect the quality of air.

Organic products in the home

There are many organic compounds in the home that are likely to compromise the quality of air inhaled. For instance substances like paint and glue can affect the quality of inhaled. These products release fumes of vapor that influence the quality of air inhaled in the house. It is important to store items like glue and paint outside the home.

Mold and moisture

Moisture and mold can significantly affect the quality of air in the home. Mold grows in the home and especially in the areas with a lot of moisture. Mold can affect the respiratory areas of the body causing allergies and wheezing. Removing mold from the home ensures that you always inhale fresh and uncontaminated air.

Pesticide used in the home

gardenPesticides used in the home always contaminate the air we breathe. Most pesticides used in the home contain harmful chemicals that are dangerous especially when inhaled. The only way to ensure that you don’t deal with pesticides in the home is keeping them outside the home. This is because even the empty bottles may contain some pesticides and this leaks to the home.