5 Reasons You Need the New Ultra HD 4K TV

In our entertainment and gaming obsessed world, it seems like the latest television technology is always changing. Just we when we got a handle on curved TVs and HD, major manufacturers decide to come out with something better – Ultra HD 4K. This new tech offers viewers crisp, brilliant images with a resolution that is 4x that of the current HD TVs on the market. Expected to hit shelves in early 2016, here are five reasons why you should opt to upgrade to the latest television technology with an Ultra HD 4K tv.

1. Tomorrow’s Viewing Will be Futureproof (Supposedly).HD 4K TV

More than half of today’s generation remembers what televisions were like 25 years ago. In that time, we have seen countless changes that have made old viewing formats (VCR, DVD, etc.) obsolete. This new technology will change the way you do everything from receiving your satellite package to stream videos. The general buzz around the tech world is that it is the type of tech that will be here to stay, for a while.

2. HD Looks Better.

Whether you are hoping to catch that pop fly on your big screen or want crisp graphics as you play Fallout 4, it will all look better on these new TVs. The pixel resolution is determined to be 2160p wide with translates into unprecedented viewing brilliance for even the snootiest of individuals.

3. Digital Photography Revolutionized.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to splurge on this tech is better digital viewing. If you are the type of person who likes to share slideshows from your latest vacation or a professional photographer who is looking for something more, this will change everything. The 4K quality turns your photos into images so vibrant you will think you are seeing them for the first time.

4. 4K BluRay is the Next Video Format.

televisionNetflix and Amazon are already releasing videos for top shows like Breaking Bad and House of Cards in HD 4K format as a test. Currently, the blu-ray disc association is only days away from supporting films using the new format that will also utilize triple layer discs. Movie aficionados can rejoice.

5. 4K Prices are Falling Fast.

As with all of the latest television technology, the first release is costly. However, as more and more manufacturers jump on board with this tech, the prices are starting to fall. Over the next year, it is estimated that new 4K televisions will be just a fraction more costly than their “older” HD counterparts. Plus, unlike 3D-tv, this technology is not a fad.